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“While there is tea, there is hope” (Arthur Wing Pinero)

We must confess that DRAMBLYS, like all social beings, are addicted to meeting and getting to know people and learning about new social ventures. And well, we have another addiction, the “tea time” moment! DRAMBLYS aims to connect with new social entrepreneurs and leaders, aspiring to explore new creative alternatives and social initiatives, learn from them, share their voices, a build a database of good practices and inspiring stories. (Please check our BLOG for regular updates). Would you like to share your story in our community? Let us invite you for a tea! Or would you fancy a coffee?

Emprender en el sector de las industrias creativas

El próximo jueves 18 de julio Dramblys presentará los resultados del proyecto PUSH – Pop-Up Helper en Bilbao. Dentro de nuestra actividad clave de fomentar nuevos modelos de apoyo al emprendimiento, esta vez nos dirigimos a los profesionales de las industrias creativas. Nos hemos centrados en un nuevo modelo de comercialización de productos a través…

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Digitize Enterprise Launched for Young Learners

A new project aimed at equipping young learners throughout Europe with effective learning tools to start their own business, officially launched this week at South West College (SWC) and will run until November 2021.Digitize Enterprise is an Erasmus+ funded project which brings together a consortium of five European partner organisations – South West College, Donegal Youth Service, Institute of…

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Train the Trainer course in Turin

En enero de 2018 empezamos a
ejecutar el proyecto RITDHE (Refugee Integration through Dignity, Health and Employability). Financiado dentro del programa ERASMUS +, Dramblys colabora con varias entidades europeas (de Reino Unido, Hungría, Grecia, Bulgaria e Italia) y otras entidades que trabajan en África (Tanzania y Sudáfrica) con el objetivo de desarrollar un modelo de integración de los refugiados a través del desarrollo de su empleabilidad.

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URBEX: Participatory Urban Exploration as Education Tool

The project “URBEX: Participatory Urban Exploration as Education Tool” is an exchange of good practices project, financed within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme. The idea of the project URBEX came from a common challenge faced by the project partners: the low participation and community engagement of the young residents living in disadvantaged urban areas. URBEX…

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We are going to Innsbruck for a training course!

Since the last meeting held in Den Helder in June this year, Dramblys has been working closely with the other partners to develop an e-learning platform aimed at mentoring young women entrepreneurs. In a few days, the participants representing Dramblys will travel to Innsbruck (Austria) to be trained during the whole week (from 10th to…

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Jóvenes mentoras en Innsbruck: una semana de aprendizaje compartido

Guten Morgen! Ya estamos de vuelta al trabajo después de una intensa semana de formación en Innsbruck. Los cinco días de trabajo e intercambio de experiencias nos han inspirado y dado la motivación que necesitábamos para el último empujón de este año cargado de aprendizajes y vivencias.Las 13 participantes del Proyecto WOMCA que participamos en…

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